Can Guinea Pig Eat Apple? Random Fun Facts That Will Surprise You

Can Guinea Pig Eat Apple

Hello, today I will answer to this question: “Can Guinea Pig Eat Apple?“. Apples are one of the delicious fruits that contained a high level of dietary fiber as well as special flavonoids which makes this fruit one of the healthier fruits of the world. If you are an owner of Guinea pigs pet, then this question may come in your mind.

In short, the answer is yes. However, there are few things that you should consider while slice-up an apple and feed to your guinea pet.

Are Apples Safe for a Guinea pig?

If you own guinea pig and wonder about giving him/her an apple? then you think that either apple is good for your guinea pig or not. One of the famous old phrases is that ” Apple a day keeps the doctor away“.  We all know that apple is good and healthy fruit for human but what about your guinea pig?

Yes, Apple is a safe and healthier treat for your guinea pig. But on an occasional basis on a regular one.

This pet is not over-eaters. Apple contains more sugar by volume as compared to hay or grass. It means that guinea pig consumes huge calories easily by eating fruits or other vegetables.

Apples and Guinea pigs:

Guinea pigs are vegetarian and love to eat healthy food. The natural diet of guinea consists of grasses and hay you find here the ultimate guide about what do guinea pigs eat?. They also eat apples that contain vitamins and fibers.

For your guinea pigs, it is required to take 10 mg of vitamin C per day. For this purpose, fresh vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamin c.

Can Apples be a regular part of the guinea diet?

No, it should never be part of a regular part of their diet. I want you to clear that apples should not consider a regular part of the guinea pig diet.  Apples should be given to cavies occasionally. Click here to find all the foods that you shouldn’t give to your pigs every day.

So, always remember that guinea pigs’ diet should consist of pellets, timothy hay and varieties of fruits or vegetables on an occasional basis.

How I can give Apples to Guinea pigs?

If you want to give the apple to cavies, then make sure to cut an apple in small slices (find here the apple slicer that use to help my pets eat apples, check the price on Amazon).

If you cut apples into small pieces, then it will easy to digest and chew by a Guinea pig. Most of the owners give the whole apple to guinea pigs that would be choking hazard to your small guinea pig.

Are Apples considered acidic?

Even with all the nutritional advantages, apples still considered as acidic. If apples are heavily consumed by the Guinea pigs, then it can lead to severe mouth sores.

How many apples in a week if good?

If your guinea pig wants to eat apples, then add apples once a week in their diet. Observe and watch how apple reacts with your cavies, for me my pets don’t like to eat apples too much.

So Check changes in wetness in stool and soreness in their mouth. If these signs and symptoms are observed, then stop the consumption of apple. The huge amount of apple slices can upset their stomach.

Useful tips for feeding apples:

  • Guinea pigs usually eat all kinds of apples.
  • Ensure that the apple is ripe fully and does not offer a sour taste. ‘
  • Stay away from your guinea pig from apple seeds. It is so because it contains cyanide which is a harmful chemical for the digestive system of guinea pig.
  • Leaves of apple are fine for a guinea pig to eat. It contains some calcium that benefits for your pig
  • The skin of the apple is good for cavies, but make sure to keep the skin away because it contains fiber.

And as I said before you can check the ultimate guide that I wrote about what do guinea pigs Eat.


I hope you will be giving your pet the best experience of eating delicious apples today but under safety measures. For more detail, you can contact me. You can also share your experience in the comments section below about what was the reaction of your pet after eating an apple as an occasional food to me.