Before And After Getting Your Puppy Manual™

Taking care of any pet can be a huge responsibility. That’s why it is so important to do your research and really know what you are getting yourself into before you actually commit to owning any pet. Guinea pigs are no exception to this rule. While they are becoming increasingly more common as household pets, guinea pigs are still somewhat exotic and, as a result, most people don’t really know much about exactly what they need.

That’s exactly where this book comes in. If you’ve been browsing the animal shelter or pet websites and can’t resist the adorable furry face of those guinea pigs you’ve seen, read this book before you make an impulse decision you might regret. So get this book and decide if this adorable little creature is the right addition to your home and then learn how you can be the best guinea pig parent there ever was!

efore And After Getting Your Puppy Manual

What you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • The history and behavior of Guinea Pigs
  • How to make Guinea Pigs feel right at home
  • Feeding your Guinea Pigs and keeping them healthy and happy
  • Keep them fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, by providing safe yet stimulating activities
  • The 10 different breeds of guinea pig you can own as a pet
  • The pros & cons of owning a pet guinea pig
  • The supplies you’ll need to provide a proper home for your new pet
  • The basic care you will need to provide for your guinea pig
  • How to train your guinea pig to do cool & useful tricks
  • A brief overview of how to breed your pet guinea pig and sell the offspring
  • Special section: Activities for Your Guinea Pig


My name is Ken Garrett, and I absolutely love everything guinea pig-related. As a licensed veterinarian, I have spent a considerable amount of time studying animals. Guinea pigs are fascinating creatures that make excellent additions to any family. Like all pets, they require proper care and attention. For the last several years, I have dedicated my time to learning about cavies and their unique needs. Each animal in the world has care needs specific to their species and learning about these things is incredibly eye-opening. I strive to provide a valuable resource for other guinea pig enthusiasts who want to provide the highest level of care for their beloved pets. As a vet and a pet owner, I always strive to contribute to the well-being of animals and improve the health of any animals in need.

Before And After Getting Your Puppy Manual


We've had our guinea pig for 4 months now & it's been a nightmare! I ask myself daily "why are you hand scooping piggie poop" Then... the little fella gives me nose kisses & I melt. Had I known the joy and reward given in caring for one of these little creatures, I'd have adopted one years ago. Guinea pigs take A LOT OF HARD WORK. Sadly, most just see a cute face in a pet store & take it home with NO knowledge of what care is needed. This book was a quick read & a life saver. So many good notes and info that guinea owners should read BEFORE they bring one home.

Simply Kelly
Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2020
Helped me understand a lot and helped me know what to do in certain situations
Raymund Kubassek
Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2020
This was the book I bought my 8yo for her first gp. Easy to understand and great resource going forward.
Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2020
It has been probably 15 years since I last owned guinea pigs and so I wanted a book to read as a refresher for me but also lots of good information for my 8 year old son who is just now learning about them. My 4 year old daughter might be interested in some of the information too however there are no pictures like most of the other reviewers state so I went ahead and ordered another book more geared towards her. This book was a great read and though there were a few repetitive parts, it was overall lots of useful information. We will be getting our 2 new guinea pig babies in just over a week when they are ready to leave mom and I am so excited to be able to teach them tricks. I did not even know you could teach them tricks!
Wolf Family 5
Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2020