Guinea Pig Bathing

Guinea Pig Bathing


Bathing for most guinea pigs can be stressful but if done on a regular basis and the correct way they will learn to enjoy it. Most people think it is unnecessary to bath pigs on a regular basis, however I believe it is an essential part of grooming. I have both short hair and long hair breeds. I usually bath my short hair pigs every three weeks and my long hair pigs once a week. This allows you to wash off dust from bedding, urine and feces that may have soiled their fur.

It is important to find a shampoo designed especially for guinea pigs (cavies) or one that is safe for small

animals. The shampoo should not contain perfumes or dyes and should preferable be


vegetarian and soap free to avoid drying out your pigs skin. I recommend Gorgeous Guineas shampoo (available online from the UK), Earth Bath Aloe & Oatmeal, and Epi-Sooth Shampoo. These are all safe, effective and will leave your pigs coats beautiful and well conditioned. Should your pig have a dander problem or is itchy, use Nizoral (found in most grocery and drug stores) for a few treatments until this problem clears up. Most of these shampoos are available online or at your neighborhood pet supply.


It is important to get the water to a comfortable warm temperature so you do not burn your guinea pigs skin. You first want to get your pig wet by holding and gently placing them in a shallow sink or pan of water. Only get your guinea pigs body wet. You should avoid the head as you do not want to get water or shampoo in their ears or eyes. Gently lather their body and let the shampoo sit about one minute before rinsing. This is a good time to check your guinea pigs body for lumps or bumps. It is easier when they are wet to find things like sebacious cysts when can be hidden from view in their fur when they are dry.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse your pig then place them in a towel to dry them off. You want to make sure your guinea pig stays in a nice warm place until he or she is completely dry. Some people blow dry their guinea pigs. It is safe as long as you have a dryer with a temperature setting on it. Some pigs are scared by the sound the dryer makes but others do not seem to mind it. I recommend doing what you and your guinea pig feel most comfortable with. I always reward my guinea pigs with a little treat for being good during bath time.

Watch the video how to give a pig bath

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